A day at the Hospital – UGH!

Feeling pretty fatigued from chemo and come to find out that my medi-port is acting up. (Routinely tested before chemo.) So it’s off to the hospital for what they call a dye-test. They inject a dye into the port in order to make sure the chemo is going to the right place without any obstructions. Hospital instructions indicate not to eat and to have a ride home – I said SAY WHAT? I’m only coming in for a die study not surgery, what do I need to fast for?

Under any circumstances I was not mentally prepared to have the port replaced which requires surgery. At least not at this time. For all you people that read this blog. Please question everything you do not understand. We have to be our own advocates. We may have a disease but we still have the power to make our own decisions as to what is being done for us or to us.

The good news is, after going through all that, there was nothing at all wrong with the medi-port and I’m relieved!

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