2016 Sports Imports Winners

Author: Julie Matthews
February 23, 2017

Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews

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Julie blogs about her personal experience with leukemia and life from a patient’s perspective.She also writes about Side-Out news and events.She is a race walker, a dog lover, and a dedicated explore.org #bearcam watcher.
Julie Matthews

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2016 Dig Pink®Rally at C.H. Yoe High School

Fairfax, VA, February 23, 2017 —We are proud to announce the 2016 Dig Pink® Sports Imports winners!! The below schools are the top 5 2016 fundraising schools that submitted funds by the December 1 due date. The number one school will receive Sports Imports custom Dig Pink® safety pads and net tape to keep, and the other schools will receive pads and net tape to use for their 2017 Dig Pink® event.

  1. Massapequa High School (Massapequa, NY) — $14,029
  2. Marquette High School (Chesterfield, MO) — $10,627.00
  3. C.H. Yoe High School (Cameron, TX) — $10,486.00
  4. Lynnfield High School (Lynnfield, MA) — $9,515.00
  5. Orestimba High School/Yolo Middle School (Newman, CA) — $8,562.91

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