Together Side-Out and the AVCA offer awards to three Side-Out ambassadors who are also involved with the sport of volleyball. The Side-Out/AVCA National Dig Pink® Award is given to three ambassadors who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to the sport and to their community, and they will be chosen by the ambassador program review board. Ambassadors of all ages are eligible to win. Winners will be announced in December at the AVCA Convention. A plaque and certificate of appreciation will be mailed to each winner.

Application Requirements

Any applicant involved in the sport of volleyball will automatically be entered to win. The only additional information they will need to provide in the application is a short description (under 200 words) of their affiliation with volleyball and how they have used their involvement with volleyball to better their community.

Selection and Notification

The review board chooses 3 winners who completed all requirements to become an ambassador and who best demonstrated their commitment not only to volleyball, but also to their community. Winners will be notified via e-mail in mid-December.

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2015 Side-Out Ambassador Program award winners
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2012 Side-Out Ambassador Program award winners
2011 Side-Out Ambassador Program award winners

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