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Dig Pink is a volleyball event experience for coaches, athletes, schools, and communities. Create a lasting tradition that funds metastatic breast cancer research and treatments through The Side-Out Foundation.

How does Dig Pink work?

Our step-by-step process and dedicated representatives have helped athletes, parents, and coaches across the US host over 9,000 Dig Pink events. From middle school volleyball teams to NCAA to adult leagues, anyone can host a Dig Pink event. Here’s how it works.

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Pick a Game

Select a game to dedicate to metastatic breast cancer research and awareness. Notify your opponents, school, coaches, players, and parents to build excitement.

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Spread the Word

Use our templates or create your own to tell your friends, family, and community about your upcoming Dig Pink event and how it’ll give more time to those with metastatic breast cancer.

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Raise Money for Research

Sell Dig Pink accessories, swag, organize bake sales, or conduct raffles at the event. There are so many ways to drive attendance, donations, and breast cancer awareness!

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Honor Your Community

Whether you put together a slideshow of those lost or honor survivors at halftime, help your community support and remember those impacted by all stages of breast cancer.

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The Dig Pink Story

After Rick’s mother Gloria was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Rick and his father Bryant started the Side-Out Foundation to challenge the healthcare community. They believed if Side-Out could extend the lives of those living with the most advanced stage of breast cancer, they could really make a difference for anyone living with breast cancer in search of answers and treatment options. Rick was a high school varsity volleyball coach at the time, so sharing his mom’s story and fundraising for advanced metastatic breast cancer at volleyball events was the most logical first step.

Rick Dunetz coaching his team at Dig Pink in VA

In 10 years Dig Pink has raised more than $15 million dollars for Side-Out’s metastatic breast cancer clinical trials and created a community of advocates more than 9,000 teams strong. What started as our Founder Rick’s two passions colliding unexpectedly, has become an experience that anyone can connect with – not just volleyball players and coaches. Side Out’s greatest ambition is to cultivate life-long advocates, extending the lives of those living with advanced metastatic breast cancer, and revolutionizing the trajectory of breast cancer treatments forever.

April Ross Visits Side-Out's Research Facility

April Ross spent an afternoon touring Caris Life Sciences in Phoenix, AZ to learn more about the science behind Side-Out’s clinical trial for metastatic breast cancer.

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Why They Love Dig Pink

Sarah Carney Head Shot

“As coaches, we always talk about trying to better the person, not just the player."

“As volleyball coaches, we always talk about trying to better the person, not just the player and this is that perfect example. Seeing the teams ban together to fundraise and come together for such an important cause is just such a pleasure to be part of.”

Sarah Carney

Hudson Falls High School
Head Coach

Jimin Kim

“I am so proud of bringing a new spirit and tradition into our school with Dig Pink.”

“We were all in for this one teacher, and I believe that our community was using our passion and love for sports to help the people around us. I am so proud of bringing a new spirit and tradition into our small school with Dig Pink.”

Jimin Kim

Taejon Christian Intl School

Gary Thompson Headshot

“A great game, a great cause bringing together great communities.”

“This group is making a real difference in bringing precision medicine to the phase of the disease where it is needed most. A great game; a great cause; bringing together great communities. We will one day call the last point in the final set as we side out breast cancer once and for all.”

Gary Thompson

St. Andrews Episcopal

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