Event Ideas


If you promote your event well and create entertaining fundraising initiatives, your event will indeed be special. There are, however, other details that will make it a fan favorite.

# Find a dynamic Master of Ceremonies to announce events and engage the fans (consider a local celebrity). Have him/her make periodic PA Announcements to educate your audience.

# Involve elementary students with a Dig Pink poster contest! Post these in your gym and invite the students to your match.

# If it is for a school event, ask the marching band, choir or soloist to perform the national anthem.

# Another idea for school events: ask cheerleaders to cheer during the event, and encourage them to use pink pom poms and/or pink megaphones. Don’t forget about the drill team! Ask if they’ll perform before your event.

# Honor breast cancer survivors. You may want to:

** Ask them to stand at the beginning of the match.
** Offer free admittance to survivors.
** Have a special raffle for survivors and/or give them a pink item (flower, small volleyball, bracelet).

# Honor the families and friends of fans affected by breast cancer. Ask anyone who knows and loves someone who has or had the disease to stand. This will be a powerful statement because it is likely that almost everyone will be on their feet.

# Ask a survivor to give a short speech about her experience with breast cancer.

# Ask a team member to present a short talk about her experience as a relative or friend to someone who has/had breast cancer.

# Don’t forget to take lots of photos! Recruit friends and family who never leave home without their cameras to record your event. Videos would be great too! With your permission, we will post your photos and videos on our website to show everyone how fun and successful an event can be.