Rally FAQ


What is Dig Pink®?

Dig Pink® is the phrase used to designate Side-Out’s fundraising events, and it refers specifically to our October initiatives that take place at schools nationwide throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We also have a Dig Pink® Tour which allows volleyball clubs to fundraise during club season through Dig Pink®-themed tournaments and volleyball clinics.


How do we sign up?

Go to the “Request Information” page and fill out the form. We will send you instructions on how you can be a part of this national awareness effort. It’s very easy to do and you will be up and running with your Dig Pink® campaign within 48 hours.


Do we have to fundraise?

Fundraising is not mandatory, however there are operational costs associated with running an event of this type. Those costs can be offset through sponsorships and community support. At a minimum, you should solicit sponsorship to cover these costs. Also, encourage participants and spectators to show their support by donning pink!


If we decide to fundraise, how much should we attempt to raise?

We would like participating teams to go for a minimum fundraising goal of $500, however the amount you aim to fundraise is ultimately up to you. Set your goals high, but always take the economic situation of your community into account.


How do we promote our event?

The Side-Out Foundation will promote Dig Pink® events at the national level. To make your local event truly special, you must also do some local promotion. Below are some suggestions (you can read about these in more detail by clicking here):

** Personalize your campaign page…photos, stories, your fundraising goal and any personal touches.
** Utilize your local media to spread the word about your event.
** Contact your school’s marketing classes to have students participate in promotional efforts.
** Create a flyer to post in local stores and community organizations (or use the poster we have created).
** Give spectators plenty of time to prepare their pink outfits! Use flyers, school announcements, social networking, etc.


If we decide not to fundraise, how can we show our spirit?

Wear something PINK for the event. Make a puffy paint shirt, tie-dye t-shirts and socks, or make a custom shirt with a vendor. Primp yourself in pink accessories and encourage spectators to do the same.


How long can we fundraise?

You may fundraise throughout the fall volleyball season, however Dig Pink® awards will be based on funds raised by the event date.


How do we collect and deliver funds?

You may collect checks and cash and mail them to The Side-Out Foundation or you may use your Dig Pink® campaign page to raise funds. Donors can use their credit cards via a secure online transaction through your event page. For more details about processing the funds your team raises, click here.


We are new to this type of fundraising. Do you have any suggestions?

Sure. Below is a list of some ideas (and you can find even more by viewing Fundraising Ideas):

** Send an e-mail to friends and family with the URL of your Dig Pink® fundraising page and ask for a donation. This is by far the easiest thing to do and has been quite successful for many teams.
** Place a Dig Pink® donation jar in a visible spot during your event. Make sure it’s decorated in a very creative way.
** Request pledges for digs and service aces. Have spectators donate a suggested amount for every dig and service ace that happens at the event.
** Do a car wash.
** Have the team purchase low cost t-shirts and sell them for a little more than cost. Make sure you promote your school on the shirt. This has worked very well for the schools that pursued it.
** Have a scrimmage or mini-outdoor tournament with another school and invite family and friends to attend. Put out donation jars and sell snacks.

You can be very creative with fundraising. Use your imagination and you can come up with even better ideas than we have listed here.


Can we donate a portion of the funds we raise to our local community or to a person we know who is battling the disease?

You can elect to donate up to 25% of the funds you raise to a local organization. This is done through a grant request process. Fill out this form and submit it to Side-Out for approval. You cannot donate funds made during a Dig Pink event directly to an individual or family. This is because Side-Out is liable for the manner in which the funds are used and cannot easily monitor funds donated to an individual. For teams interested in raising money specifically for one patient or family, we encourage you to host a separate event and raise funds using a website designed specifically to benefit one person or group (Ex. GoFundMe).