Do we have to raise funds to participate?

Fundraising is not mandatory, however there are operational costs associated with running an event of this type. Those costs can be offset through sponsorships and community support. At a minimum, you should solicit sponsorship to cover these costs.

How do we handle the funds?

* Checks: Donors should make checks payable to The Side-Out Foundation and should reference the school in the memo of the check.

Check dollar amounts and contact information will be manually entered into your campaign website by a Side-Out representative upon receipt. Once completed, you may download the donor list from the website to mail or e-mail thank you notes.

* Donation Receipts: Side-Out will provide you with an electronic version of a donation receipt that can be distributed to donors at the event or during a fundraising effort.

* Dig Pink®/USPS Safe, Secure and Economical Method of Mailing Donations:

** Take all cash donations to your local bank and request a cashier’s check made out to The Side-Out Foundation.
** Make two copies of all checks received. Multiple checks on a single sheet of paper are recommended. Keep one copy for your own records and include the other one with the package you send to Side-Out.
** Total your donations. As soon as funds arrive at Side-Out, a representative will manually enter dollar amounts and contact information into your campaign website.
** The checks should be mailed at any US Post Office via Priority Mail to:

The Side-Out Foundation
Attn: Treasurer
3935 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

** Place your sealed manila envelope into the USPS special tear-proof Priority Mail envelope and specify registered mail. This will insure that the envelope will be easily trackable.
** The cost for Priority Mail with the additional services designated above can be easily calculated on the USPS website and will depend on weight. In most cases across the country, it should be less than $10.00, which is also a deductible expense. There is no charge for the Priority Mail tear-proof envelopes.

Don’t forget to send thank you notes to donors!

Send a thank you note to everyone who donated. Whether it’s formal or personal, a thank you note is greatly appreciated by donors. Make sure you include information about how much your team raised and where the funds are going. Donors will feel they are part of a community effort to help those affected by breast cancer (and indeed they are!), and it makes them feel good to know you appreciated their contribution.

Sample Documents

These sample documents are copyrighted documents to be used exclusively for Side-Out events and programs.

* Donation Request (DOC)
* Donation Receipt (DOC)
* Thank You Letter (DOC)