Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is a very important part of your campaign. When creating a team plan, make sure to put some effort into your online presence.

  • 1. Personalize your campaign page. Donors appreciate team photos, stories and any other personal touches. See below for detailed instructions on how to insert photos
  • 2. Have each team member craft an e-mail and/or text to send to friends/family/neighborhood businesses explaining what you are doing and provide detailed information about how they can donate.
  • 3. Utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, personal blogs, and any other means of online information sharing to reach out to possible donors. Always provide a link to your team’s Side-Out campaign page so they can donate easily.
  • 4. Send reminder e-mails/status updates before and after your fundraiser to keep your donors posted on your progress and to motivate those who have not yet given.

    Photo Instructions

    • You’ll need to create/have an account with Photobucket:
    • Upload the picture(s) to Photobucket that you’d like to add to the campaign page. Once it’s uploaded, click on the picture so that’s it’s on your screen. See team picture in the insert below.
    • On the bottom far right of the screen shot (below the Alzheimer’s ad), you’ll see “Links to share this photo”. Click “Direct” (second one down). It will say “copy” when you click it.

    Then go to the Campaign page and click “Edit Message”. Find the picture of the tree, click it and the box below pops up. Paste the “DIRECT” link from the Photobucket site into the “IMAGE URL” (first line) then click “INSERT”.

    Your picture will pop up! It will be small, but you can reposition it by clicking on the corners and making it bigger.