Promote Your Event

The Side-Out Foundation will promote Dig Pink® events at the national level. In order to make your local event truly special, you must do some local promotion. Below are some suggestions that will help you advertise your event to possible donors.

# This is an important part of fundraising and promotion: Personalize your campaign page. Donors appreciate team photos, stories and any other personal touches. Also add event details, directions and a fundraising goal. You can make these changes easily using the tools we provide on our site.

# Side-Out will send out press releases nationwide to various media outlets, but it is important that you also utilize your local media to spread the word about your Dig Pink® event. We provide template press releases online for you to use so take advantage of our tools! High schools and colleges, use media to specifically reach out to other schools in your community to generate interest in possible future players and fans. Don’t forget to contact the elementary schools! In fact, design a specific activity for young children to engage them during the event.

# Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, personal blogs, and any other means of online information sharing to reach out to your friends, family and community. Provide the details of your event (who, what, when, where why) and include a link to Side-Out’s website so they can read more about the foundation you are supporting.

# If you are a school team, contact marketing programs and classes to have those students participate in promotional efforts. Perhaps teachers can assign it as a special project for extra credit.

# Create a flyer (or design your own!) to post in local stores and community organizations. If you are a school team, ask if you can use their printer for the flyers.

# Encourage all players and spectators to wear pink on the day of your Dig Pink® event. Give spectators plenty of time to prepare their pink attire. Side-Out has pink volleyball items available at

Template Press Releases

* Pre-Match Media Release
* Post-Match Media Release