Our Program Model

We understand the power of community investment, and work hard to inspire life-long, stage IV breast cancer advocates. To create this advocacy our programs are built on our cornerstones of impact: Education, Communication Connection and Fundraising.

For 15 years these cornerstones have developed and engaged more than 164,000 advocates and raised more than $15 million to sponsor our precision medicine clinical trials — helping those living with stage IV regain control of their lives. 


We believe that comprehensive, stage IV breast cancer education is a critical catalyst for inspiring life-long advocacy.  We encourage all our supporters to educate themselves on the difference between stage IV and other stages of cancer, the reality of treatment funding gaps, and the power of Side-Out’s precision medicine approach. 

In each of our programs, education is the very first step to extending stage IV lives and motivating ongoing, sustainable change. 



We believe that any great grassroots movement is rooted in its ability to bring people together. It is because of this that we work to teach our supporters ways they can create community connections that extend their reach, enhance passion for the cause,  and will continue to monumentally increase our positive and lasting impact.



We believe real impact requires more than voices and time. It requires our dollars. While breast cancer treatment has vastly improved, patients who have progressed to stage IV face enduring challenges in their journey and the need to fund innovative solutions is ongoing. 

We are fearless in our pursuit to curb the lack of treatment funding provided to those with stage IV breast cancer, and we will not stop until there are answers and treatment options for those with advanced metastatic disease.