Our Research

The Side-Out Foundation is dedicated to changing the way that breast cancer is treated through a proactive and aggressive research agenda focused within the area of precision medicine for those living with stage IV breast cancer.  We strive to overcome roadblocks in research and speed up progress by partnering directly with scientific organizations, developing our own tools and processes, and presenting our findings to the cancer community at large. 

What We Fund Today

The Side-Out Foundation has brought together an amazing team of oncologists and researchers in the field of molecular medicine to design one of the most unique and revolutionary clinical trials in precision medicine for people living with stage IV breast cancer.  The Side-Out Protocol.  We are finding and delivering treatment solutions that are clinically matched with a patients particular form of the disease with the goal of giving each patient more time with the people they love.

Finding the Right Treatment, for the Right Person, at the Right Time

Side-Out’s research goes above and beyond “Standard of Care”, proving multi-omic molecular profiling (including genomic, proteomic, and phosphoproteomic analysis) is beneficial in selecting treatment for late-stage breast cancer.

From Our Scientific Team

Getting our Science to the
People That Need It

People living with stage IV breast cancer need our help now. In 2019, we launched a 50 patient pilot trial in partnership with Perthera, an organization with a robust precision oncology platform that will incorporate the science that Side-Out has produced and get it into the hands of the people that need it the most. With the help of artificial intelligence and the Side-Out protocol, we will give each participating patient a detailed report that shows several targeted treatment solutions that show clinical benefit for their specific cancer while collecting biomarker and outcomes data. We will also match patients with every Phase I/II clinical trial that they qualify for.  

Patients + Treatments = Powerful Data

Patients, diagnostics, and treatment solutions are all cornerstones of Side-Out research projects however the results and data are also extremely important.  After compiling 10 years of patient accrual and outcomes results, we created the MBC Bioinformatics Portal which is a first-ever multi-omics molecular database of metastatic breast cancer. Our unique database contains genomic, proteomic, and phosphoproteomic data along with clinical-epidemiological data, treatment type, and outcomes. It is publicly available as an inaugural effort to spur more research and discovery by the entire scientific community and will be expanded by each new Side-Out Foundation sponsored trial.

Our Results

Results Presented at...

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Founded in 1964, the American Society of Clinical Oncology is the world's leading professional organization for physicians and oncology professionals caring for people with cancer.
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Miami Breast Cancer Conference

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How We Invest Funds


Our science must be “significant” in that it produces news worthy results and “identifiable” to people throughout the breast cancer community.


Whether we invest in something brand new or we find an interesting way to support existing science, we always seek to find solutions to questions that need answers.


Our goal is to keep the science moving forward so that every year we help more patients, find more treatments, secure more biomarkers, and give patients more time to live.


People living with stage IV breast cancer need help now, so our science must have real patient impact.