Ambassador Program
Join other students in becoming a voice for the underserved stage IV breast cancer community.

Raising awareness and creating advocacy is essential to long-term impact, and Side-Out truly believes it starts with engaging the next generation.

Our Ambassador Program presents opportunities for students to make a difference by leading a Side-Out Campaign in their community, raising funds for Side-Out’s stage IV breast cancer research, and learning more about breast cancer.

By applying to be an Ambassador, you will be placing yourself in the extraordinary position to use your voice to impact those around you and the lives of those living with stage IV. No matter what grade you are in, we encourage participation in The Side-Out Ambassador Program as an opportunity for leadership experience, personal growth, and community service.


Benefits of Being An Ambassador

Develop Leadership Skills

Those who join the Ambassador Program learn how to lead others, delegate responsibilities, and manage a unique project that impacts their community and stage IV breast cancer.

Receive Community Service Hours

Whether you need community service for National Honor Society, a school project, or you just want to do good in community, the Ambassador Program is the perfect way to collect hours.

Earn A Scholarship & National Recognition

Those who are High school juniors, seniors, and college-age students by May 1st who participate as Side-Out Ambassadors become eligible for a scholarship up to $3,500!

As part of the Ambassador Program experience, students will:

  • Complete a Side-Out campaign in their community & fundraise to support The Side-Out Foundation’s stage IV breast cancer research. Register here.
  • Educate themselves about breast cancer to gain more knowledge about the cause and why more research is needed for those living with stage IV.
  • Complete a Side-Out Campaign Plan to showcase everything done to create maximum impact in their community.
  • Write a 500-750 word essay about the experience and how they and their community were impacted by the program.
  • Select a sponsor to write a Letter of Recommendation detailing the hard work that took place.
  • Join the Ambassador Program Facebook Group

Upon review, and after completion of each of the items above, students will receive confirmation that they are officially a Side-Out Ambassador!


Powerful Words from Our Ambassadors

Have Questions?

Our Impact Coaches are standing by ready to answer any questions you may have about the program. Simply click to schedule a call!

At the completion of the program, Ambassadors can receive national recognition and become eligible for scholarship funds, ranging from $1,000 to $3,500 for high school juniors, seniors, and college-aged students! These scholarship funds are a reward for our Ambassador’s dedication to the cause, encouraging them to continue a life of setting and achieving their goals.

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Dig Pink® and Side-Out’s Ambassador Program encouraged Sarah to pursue a nursing career.

The History of Side-Out Ambassadors