Ambassador Portal

Fundraising for the Side-Out Foundation through your ambassador campaign can be simple if you do the right things. Below, we have provided templates of different ways you can spread the word about your campaign!

Donation Request Email Templates

Gather the email addresses of all of your family & friends, and members of your community and use the email templates below to email those people.

  1. Click the link, which will take you to a Google Doc
  2. Make a copy of the Google Doc and personalize the email by filling in the parts in brackets [ ]. Make sure to double check that you have filled them all in!
  3. Use your new, personal template to copy into your email. Make sure to personalize the email with the name of the person you are sending to.

Social Media Templates

Use these links to save and post these images to your social media accounts to get the word out about your campaign! Make sure to share your fundraising page link in the post that you write and add that link to your bio on Instagram! 

Dont forget to tag The Side-Out Foundation and use the hashtag #WeWontIgnoreStageIV.


Fundraising Letter Templates

Use the letters below to spread the word about your campaign. Make a copy of the Google Doc and replace the bold lettering in brackets to personalize the letter. Once you do that, print the letter, mail or deliver your letters and watch the funds roll in!


(To Friends & Family)
(To Business)

Promotional Posters

Simply click the link to the poster you want, download the PDF, and open the PDF in your viewer on your computer to fill in the blank spots. Then print!

If there is a type of event you want a poster for that is not listed below, let your support rep know and we will see if we can make it!

Shorten Your Links

Need to make links easier to access? Here are to little tricks for you!

BITLY: This allows you to create a shortened & custom link that you can display.

QR CODE: Build your own QR which you can add to a poster or website.