Wigs, Wigs, Wigs

Received a package containing 5 wigs from my WIG angel, Victoria LaRosa from I’m Still Me in Warrenton , VA. I’ve spent the last 2 days modeling them for my husband Bryant. We laughed at the country western looking wig, the Gravel Gertie wig and he was able to give me input on the others. It’s amazing how you can make the inconvenience of being bald a fun thing! It’s a matter of surrender. Once you accept the fact that your hair is gone you can allow yourself to be another person each day. It reminds me of the days I used to do Musical Comedy and was able to transform myself into the role I was playing. Allow yourself the freedom to investigate different options which still allow you to say “I’m Still Me” no matter what public façade you have chosen to have.

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