Part 1: Education
Part 2: Advocacy
Part 1: Education
Part 2: Advocacy


Ambassador Program FAQ

When do I need to complete the program?

There is no due date! The program can be completed year round to fit your schedule.

Can friends and family help me in my campaign?

Yes. Help from others can help grow and amplify the success of your campaign! However if your friends or family are also looking to become an ambassador, they must register and submit separately!

How do I earn community service hours?

You can earn community service hours throughout both the education and advocacy portions of the program. Simply submit required materials in the AP Hub for verification.

Is there a required amount to fundraise?

No! To be an Ambassador, we ask that all students fundraise as a part of being an advocate for those with MBC. However, there is no required amount to raise, all we ask is that you try it and use what you have learned!

How do I submit my funds?

1. Total Your Donations

2. If you completed all your fundraising online, no need to worry. Let your Support Rep know, and you’re all set! For cash donations, take them to your bank and request a cashier’s check made out to The Side-Out Foundation.

3. Donors should make checks payable to “The Side-Out Foundation” and reference the school in the memo of the check.

4. Checks should be mailed with our Mail-in Donation Form at any US Post Office via Priority Mail. Download the Mail-in Donation Form here:

Where can I find the Ambassador Program Logo?

Any of our Side-Out Foundation or Ambassador Program logos can be found and downloaded from our Brand Style Guide.

Where can I find your W-9 form?

Our W-9 Form provides the foundation address and Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Are you a 501(c)(3)?

The Side-Out Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2004 to make a significant and identifiable impact on the lives of metastatic breast cancer patients and their families.

Have Additional Questions?

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