October the 13th

October is many things. It’s Halloween, it’s fall, it’s breast cancer awareness month. But what often gets lost in the mix is indeed October 13th itself. No I’m not referring to Friday the 13th or Jason Voorhees with the scary hockey masks, I’m referring to Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness day. A day dedicated to a cause that often gets lost in the mix as it is the least funded, recognized, and most aggressive form of breast cancer.

The stats are out there.

Did you know that 150,000 people are living with metastatic breast cancer? Or that three out of four of those people were diagnosed at an earlier stage before being diagnosed with stage IV?

That’s 75%. So why is it that less than 5% of the 6 billion dollars annually raised for breast cancer research goes to stage IV?

That’s where the Side-Out Foundation comes in. Our mission is to help change this; to support a community that feels it has been lost in the mix, and we have one statement we want to make loud and clear:


This October, The Side-Out Foundation is looking for individuals, friends and families nationwide to join us in supporting the stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer community by showing the world they will not be lost in the mix and they have not been forgotten.

We are here for you.

How You Can Help

  1. Take a picture or a video of you and/or your family and friends and throw up an “IV” with your hands
  2. Share it to social media using these two hashtags #WeWontIgnoreStageIV and #SideOutIV150k
  3. Tag your friends and spread that word that we will not ignore stage IV

With your help, let’s get these hashtags trending so that everyone hears our message!

About The Side-Out Foundation

The Side-Out Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Fairfax, VA that harnesses the power of volleyball players to host Dig Pink® volleyball tournaments that raise money for critical research of late stage metastatic breast cancer – the least funded form of breast cancer scientific studies. In 2016, a total of 765 different high school, college and club teams from coast to coast contributed $1,138,337 to Side-Out’s directed clinical trials which take place at leading cancer institutions in the United States. This grassroots campaign raised more money in 2016 for the breast cancer cause than individual efforts staged by multi-billion dollar leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. Two-time Olympic Beach Volleyball medalist April Ross, who lost her mother to breast cancer, is an advocate for the charity. Over the years, Side-Out has raised more than $12 million for research on the disease, has completed two successful clinical trials using Side-Out’s individualized treatment protocols and is currently in the midst of a third trial, it’s largest yet. Volleyball coaches across the country use the events as a team building experience that also reinforces the role sports can and should play in supporting athletes’ communities off the court. Most matches take place in the fall in conjunction with October’s designation as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For details check out https://side-out.org/

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