5 Ways to Get Your Club Involved in Dig Pink!

With club volleyball season underway, Side-Out is challenging the club volleyball community to unite together behind Dig Pink® and raise $250,000 for stage IV breast cancer research. In doing this, Side-Out also hopes to impact athletes that participate, building them as people through their Dig Pink experience.

To help get club volleyball parents, coaches, and players moving on this, we wanted to share some ideas on ways clubs teams can get involved and support the cause! Below are some ideas to incorporate within your club. Pick one or two of the ideas below or even create your own!

1. Host a Dig Pink Club Tournament

Many volleyball clubs, small and large, host at least one tournament during the season, inviting other clubs in the area to come play and compete. One way to add a creative philanthropic component to a tournament is by turning it into a Dig Pink Tournament!

Things tournaments can do include inviting teams to pink out for their matches, charging teams an additional registration amount to be donated, and asking parents to contribute a small amount to the campaign as an entry fee (such as $1). The tournament can also create its own fundraising page that can be used to collect donations leading up to the event. Host teams/clubs can even invite participating teams to create fundraising pages underneath their tournament page to get involved.

2. Go Pink for a Tournament

Not all clubs have the ability to host a tournament, but all club teams play in them! A great and simple way that club teams can support the cause is by signing up as a part of Dig Pink and choosing a tournament or two that the players can “pink out” for the weekend.

By registering officially online, your team receives a customizable campaign page that the players can use to fundraise entirely online, simply be sharing the link with family, friends and team supporters.

3. Host a Clinic

Does your club host clinics, or thinking about starting one? If so, one way to add a unique spin to the clinic is by using it to support Dig Pink! By donating a portion of the clinic registration fee, your club can raise funds and support The Side-Out Foundation in a tremendous way.

When hosting a Dig Pink Clinic, make it fun by encouraging the players in the clinic to dress in all pink and rally behind the cause throughout the clinic.

4. Pledges for Play

The vision of success drives us, and that is no different on the court. One way to drive players to succeed and win games in tournaments is by having parents support the cause based on player performance. Team parents can pledge certain dollar amounts based on how far teams go in the tournaments they play in, whether that be based on number of wins, rounds advanced, or the final placing in the tournament. Get creative with it and have fun while inspiring the team to play its best.

5. Create Your Own Campaign

While Side-Out provides different ways clubs can participate and be a part of supporting Dig Pink, we are open to anything that teams want to do. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with ideas that work for your club or team!

No matter how your team chooses to support, by becoming a part of the Dig Pink Rally you are joining volleyball teams and communities nationwide that have raised over 13 million for Side-Out’s cutting-edge stage IV breast cancer research.

Become a part of this solidarity and provide meaningful experiences to your athletes by signing up today!

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