Never Underestimate the Power of a Small Town With a Big Heart


With just 632 students enrolled at Lynnfield High School and a town population of just over 11,000, Lynnfield Massachusetts is what most would call a small town by numbers. However, with determination and a few very passionate individuals, Lynnfield raised over $6,000 more at their Dig Pink event than they ever had before. Below is their story. Thank you to Organizer Jennifer Albanese for sharing it with us.

Head Coach Michelle Perrone

The success of our Dig Pink campaign in 2016 was due to all of the things I share with you in this blog post and the passion of one Mom, Susan Pascucci! Our daughters are Co-Captains and it’s the Mom’s of the captains and the Dig Pink Committee that put this event together. Susan Pascucci had great ideas and pushed all of us to make this an unforgettable event.

This event is near and dear to Head Coach Michelle Perrone. Coach always starts off the year talking about this fundraiser and how important it is to her. The girls look forward to it every year. My daughter and I have done this event since she was a freshman; she is now a senior.

For the past couple years, we have formed a Dig Pink Committee. The Committee knocked on doors of stores and companies asking for donations. Every year we ask the parents to donate baskets, gift cards and contribute to the bake sale. But this year, we asked for the same but specified “Theme” baskets, and the parents really out did themselves.

We sold raffle tickets! This year we did a raffle for $20 a ticket for a 3 night getaway to Nantucket. Each girl was given 4 tickets to sell 2 weeks before our event. There was no obligation to sell or obligation for the parents to buy. Some families sold more than 4. This one raffle made $2500 alone!

At the event we sold $10 raffles for 2 sporting event tickets to the Boston Bruins. Also, at the event we had a silent auction for a signed autographed football by Bill Belichick. We had some great prizes!

Some girls reached out to their parent’s companies to ask for a donation.

We had more donations on-line than we ever had in the past. We suggested to the girls if they had family members that couldn’t make it to the event they could write a letter and invite them to donate on-line.

We sent out emails, put it on Facebook and put it in 3 local newspapers, hung posters around the town schools and the town library. I think word of mouth was our biggest way of getting family and friends to participate.

Our 2016 goal was $2,000 and we raised $9,515! I know I am proud to be part of this event.

Raking in $9,515, the small town of Lynnfield made a BIG statement. Small town or big city, with determination and passion, together we are making a BIG impact on the way stage IV breast cancer is treated.

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