That Time of Year…

With Spring Break over for the most part, the next big push towards summer is here. JO Qualifiers are done and events leading up to the end of your club season are here. The beginning of summer is right around the corner! Growing up as a kid, I loved this time of year because it meant summer was around the corner. I would get to play beach volleyball all summer long and hang out with my friends as we anticipated the next step in our lives whether it was a new phase in highschool or the transition to college.

I know you always hear adults say “enjoy it now because time flies” and before you know it, you will be on to the next phase of your lives.

Enjoy every club practice and volleyball tournament and use it to get better. Work hard and have fun with your teammates because that is what it is all about. Cherish and love those around you because you never know when you can lose one. Live in the moment and give every day your all!

Good luck, work hard and have fun! All the best, Holly McPeak

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