A New Category for the Blog

We have added a new section to our blog called “Rick’s Coaching Tips”.  This section will give friends and family of cancer fighters helpful tips to help them “Coach” their loved ones through the various difficulties that a cancer fighter must endure.

What happened in 2004 was nothing short of miraculous.  A single volleyball match may have saved my mothers life.  But what many people do not know is that it took almost a month of phone conversations and visits to even get my mom out of the house.  The volleyball match may have motivated my mom to fight, but she was not even close to that mindset prior to that event.  She was ready to pack it in, give up, NOT FIGHT!

Hopefully we can give you some insight into the things we, the “circle of love”, must do on a day to day basis to keep our loved one in the right frame of mind.  The mind is a very powerful thing…you would be amazed at what it can do.  Even cure a deadly disease.

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