Battle in Bloom

Have you ever had a dream about walking through a field of flowers? Here’s your chance! Stop and smell the flowers and raise funds for a good cause at the same time!

Bryant Dunetz, COO of the Side-Out Foundation and his wife Gloria Dunetz, the inspiration behind Side-Out, invite you to come out to Fairfax Station, VA to visit their beautiful garden. Better yet, you can walk away with one of their prized plants (daylilies being one of the most striking specimens) for only $25, although their worth far exceeds that value. All funds will go to Side-Out in its efforts to further breast cancer research and education.

Contact Bryant to arrange a tour of the garden. Flowers in bloom from the third week of June through mid-July.

* Place: Fairfax Station, VA

* Dates: June 13 thru Sunday July 19 – 9AM-5PM Weekends and Weekdays

* Donation for Breast Cancer Research and Compassionate Support

* Make checks payable to: The Side-Out Foundation

* Call or email for visit: Bryant Dunetz 703-615-8740 [email protected]

This spectacular garden was developed by a longstanding member of the Day Lily Society and produced many unique colors and hybrids.

Your $25 donation will help the Foundation to continue support of it’s groundbreaking clinical trial on Metastatic Breast Cancer and it’s current work at Inova Life with Cancer. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information about this effort go to the Connection Papers Article

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