Side-Out & W20 Foundation’s Team Up 4 Community is a WIN-WIN

When teams are interested in participating in Dig Pink initiatives, Side-Out stresses the impact they can have on their communities by hosting. Just by involving their school/club community, local community and breast cancer community, Dig Pink teams have an opportunity to increase their impact.

Side-Out understands the importance of community involvement and that’s why teaming up The W20 Foundation’s Project Team Up 4 Community (TU4C) just makes sense! The W20 Foundation is committed to creating an environment where our youth athletes and others want to partake in community service and surround themselves with other like-minded, positive people who care about social responsibility.

The W20 Foundation was founded on Long Island, NY, in 2007 by former NY Islander hockey player and current NHL Players Association representative Steve Webb and launched Project TU4C in 2011.

TU4C serves as a central hub and launching pad to help develop new programs to meet athletes, organizations, and community needs. Team Up 4 Community values the impact The Side-Out Foundation is making by utilizing the Dig Pink initiatives to empower thousands of young athletes to use their skills like teamwork, leadership and perseverance.

Youth athletes who host Dig Pink events are rallying their communities and schools behind them to make a difference on and off the court. With that mission in mind, Side-Out teamed up with the W20 Foundation and TU4C to enhance the goal of community impact. Teams being able to expand their reach within their community and beyond by utilizing the platform of TU4C gives them an opportunity to empower others to follow their lead.

The TU4C culture engages and empowers youth athletes and others to initiate community service projects through its online challenges. The platform also provides them with an interactive set of resources to advocate and promote their social responsibility among their peers, family, schools, organizations, and communities.

Through community service, like Dig Pink, athletes gain valuable experiences as citizens by engaging in leadership opportunity and skill development initiatives that have a positive impact on their communities. Consequently, The Side-Out Foundation and its Dig Pink initiatives provide community service opportunities for both students and student-athletes.

Side-Out and Team Up 4 Community are two foundations that are derived from the desire to assist those around them. Both foundations are focused and determined to galvanize strong, hard working, and caring athletes to challenge themselves for their communities and the people around them. So, it is perfect that Side-Out and Dig Pink are partnering to help provide a valuable inspiration and a resource to reach our audience and all athletes looking for a fun and empowering way to make a difference!

To read more about the W20 Foundation and its Team Up 4 Community (TU4C) Program, visit their website here. Take a moment on the website to share the impact you have made with Dig Pink and help inspire others!

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