Scholarship Award Educational Hours

Side-Out Ambassador Program

The Side-Out Ambassador Program

Beginning October 1st, students can submit materials for their 2015 Side-Out Ambassador Program application. For those students applying for a scholarship, the educational hours make up a key part of the application. As ambassadors, you share your knowledge about breast cancer and about the trial you support through The Side-Out Foundation, the Side-Out Protocol. It is important that you focus on truly learning about the disease.

Ambassador Program

The best way to get these hours is through direct interaction with medical professionals:

  1. Volunteering at a local hospital or patient support organization
  2. Visiting a breast cancer research lab
  3. Interviewing a local oncology nurse and/or physician

For some students, however, that is not always an option. In that situation, we recommend finding a breast cancer webinar. CancerCare is an exceptional resource, and they offer lots of webinars throughout the year. Some other organizations offering online breast cancer workshops or podcasts include:

We understand you will not have a contact at the organization or a signature for the Educational Hours Form, and that is OK. As long as you demonstrate in your essay that you completed the hours and learned from the experience, you will receive credit.

About The Side-Out Foundation

The Side-Out Foundation founder of Dig Pink®, teams with the volleyball community to inspire science and hope in the match against breast cancer. Side-Out is the only charity using the power and teamwork of the volleyball community to beat cancer. It is also directly responsible for extending the lives of stage 4 breast cancer patients. For more information on news, blogs, and events relating to the organization, subscribe to Side-Out’s newsletter. For any additional information, please contact The Side-Out Foundation online.

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