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Sports Imports

Columbus, Ohio—October 1, 2013— The Side-Out Foundation and Sports Imports have partnered to “pink out” net systems across the country for the national Dig Pink® October Rally, the foundation’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative.

Organizations from grade schools to colleges host Dig Pink events to educate others about breast cancer and to raise funds to support the research that Side-Out sponsors. They use the color pink for their events because it is widely accepted as the unifying shade of breast cancer and any sports fan knows the importance of color to band together players and fans.

Sports Imports, the industry’s leading net system manufacturer, joined the initiative, providing top fundraising schools with pink safety pads and net tapes for their official Dig Pink fundraising match in October. They also hosted a Dig Pink Kick-Off Tri-Match on September 28th, donating $5 for every kill scored by all of the three teams. Sports Imports will award the overall top fundraiser each year with a free set of fully custom upright pads for their program.

“Breast cancer hits close to home for a lot of players, coaches, and fans in the volleyball community,” said Cyndie Dunlap-Cullinan, president and CEO of Sports Imports. “We are eager to promote breast health/cancer awareness and to help raise money for the research and patient support projects that Side-Out funds.”

Custom Dig Pink safety pads and net tapes will be provided to eight schools and several national club tournaments around the country to use during their own Dig Pink match. This year’s National Dig Pink October Rally “pinked-out” net system recipients are:

1. Orestimba High School—Newman, CA—October 1, 2013
2. The John Cooper School— The Woodlands, TX—October 11, 2013
2. Southern Lehigh High School—Center Valley, PA—October 15, 2013
3. Naperville Central High School—Naperville, IL—October 15, 2013
5. University of North Carolina at Charlotte—Charlotte, NC—October 18, 2013
6. Massapequa High School—Massapequa, NY—October 18, 2013
7. Penn State University—University Park, PA—October 23, 2013
8. Downey High School—Downey, CA—October 24, 2013

Supporters can tune in to ESPN3 at 7pm on October 23rd to see Penn State women’s volleyball play their Dig Pink match against Ohio State on a custom pinked-out net system. Pink pads and net tapes will also be sent to Big South, Capitol Hill Classic, and Colorado Crossroads national qualifying tournaments in the spring for day two of play to support the 2014 Dig Pink Tour Powered by Tournament Magic.

Rick Dunetz, executive director at The Side-Out Foundation, is looking forward to working with Sports Imports: “They are well-known and respected throughout the volleyball community, and their support is a testament to the support of the volleyball community as a whole. Our new partnership will allow for a unique way to honor the top fundraisers while also benefiting the research Side-Out values most.”

To find out what you can do to support breast cancer and education and research, visit <”> To purchase your own Dig Pink safety pads or net tapes, visit A portion of each purchase is donated to The Side-Out Foundation.

About Sports Imports
Founded in 1976 by people who love volleyball, Sports Imports is recognized as the renowned authority in national and international volleyball competitions. Sports Imports has provided quality net systems for every Olympic volleyball competition and NCAA championship since inception. As the first company to bring safe, in-ground net systems to the United States, Sports Imports’ experienced team provides expert advice with customized solutions and support to assure the best possible value.

Sports Imports was founded with a mission to provide a safe and dependable net system for competitive volleyball. Three decades later, with installations in 20,000 gymnasiums across the U.S. and over 88 percent of all Division I programs, the company is still totally focused on the needs of coaches and the volleyball industry.

To learn more about what products and services are available at Sports Imports, visit

About The Side-Out Foundation

The Side-Out Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2004.  Inspired by one mom and embraced by the entire sport of volleyball, the mission of The Side-Out Foundation is to educate young athletes and their communities about breast cancer, both with respect to prevention and treatment, and to fund cutting edge breast cancer research.  Side-Out is focused on changing the way breast cancer is treated forever.

The term side-out refers to a situation in volleyball when one team wins a point while its opponent is serving, thereby regaining serve or control of play.  It is hoped that Side-Out will do the same for breast cancer patients, providing them with the support, education and best available treatments to regain control of their lives.

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