Side-Out Partners With The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Art of Coaching Volleyball

(From The Art of Coaching Volleyball website)

Portland, OR — Dedication to volleyball: this is a principle shared by both The Art of Coaching Volleyball and The Side-Out Foundation. At the heart of each organization is the athlete. Whether it’s skill development, health awareness or expanding roles within their communities, The Art of Coaching Volleyball and Side-Out are focused on strengthening the athlete and sharing a love for the game.

They are thrilled to work together to educate coaches and athletes, and proudly announce a new partnership. The Art of Coaching Volleyball will provide videos and articles for Side-Out to share with its followers, and Side-Out will award the coaches of top fundraisers in the Dig Pink® Rally with memberships to The Art of Coaching Volleyball.

Patrick Kohan, director of The Art of Coaching Volleyball, has seen the Dig Pink® movement grow over the years: “I’m impressed by how the volleyball community embraces the cause. It’s a fantastic way for athletes to refine leadership skills and make an impact in their local communities, and the education they receive about breast cancer highlights the importance of health self-awareness, an essential element of healthy living. I look forward to working together to develop healthy, skilled, community conscious players.”

Rick Dunetz, Side-Out’s executive director and a freshman volleyball coach, values The Art of Coaching Volleyball as a resource for coaches: “As a coach, you should always ask yourself what you can do to improve your own skills and how you can best communicate with your players. Through videos, interviews and informational articles, The Art of Coaching Volleyball provides just that; it is a treasure trove of educational content for coaches, and advancing coaching education will result in more knowledgeable, well- rounded athletes. I am very excited to work together!”

About The Art of Coaching Volleyball

The Art of Coaching Volleyball produces free and premium coaching content created by the top coaches in the game.

About The Side-Out Foundation

The Side-Out Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2004.  Inspired by one mom and embraced by the entire sport of volleyball, the mission of The Side-Out Foundation is to educate young athletes and their communities about breast cancer, both with respect to prevention and treatment, and to fund cutting edge breast cancer research.  Side-Out is focused on changing the way breast cancer is treated forever.

The term side-out refers to a situation in volleyball when one team wins a point while its opponent is serving, thereby regaining serve or control of play.  It is hoped that Side-Out will do the same for breast cancer patients, providing them with the support, education and best available treatments to regain control of their lives.

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