Third Annual Dig Pink Challenge Powered by All Volleyball

ST. LOUIS – The Side-Out Foundation, in partnership with All Volleyball, Inc., is proud to announce the Third Annual Dig Pink Challenge powered by All Volleyball. This year’s event will be played on September 6 and features the top two teams in the St. Louis area. Host #1 St. Joseph’s Academy welcomes #2 Cor Jesu Academy to its gym in St. Louis.

The St. Joseph’s Academy Angels, defending Class 4 state champions, will compete in the Dig Pink Challenge (DPC) for the first time while the Cor Jesu Chargers will be participating in the event for the second consecutive year.

In addition to the event match, All Volleyball has launched their national program called All Volleyball Ally. It is designed to bring teams to Side-Out, help support its Dig Pink® Campaign by matching what they raise (up to $500) and find teams to band together to help DPC raise more money than ever! In addition to matching funds, All Volleyball will be there to support and give advice to all teams along the way as they prepare for their match.

Rick Dunetz, Executive Director of The Side-Out Foundation, is excited to welcome back All Volleyball as a partner for the fifth consecutive year. “We are extremely honored to partner with the great team at All Volleyball. They are wonderful people who put passion and joy in everything they do,” said Dunetz. “It is always great to work with organizations that believe in the same things we believe in. All Volleyball is the perfect partner.”

Brittany Gamache, All Volleyball Serves coordinator, mirrors Dunetz’s excitement. “On behalf of the owners and our entire company, we are so blessed to be able to continue partnering with The Side-Out Foundation. It has always seemed like a natural fit – after all, we both exist in the volleyball world! We are excited for this year and have already started fundraising so we can hit our goal to raise more than 2017 and make this year the best one yet!”

More information on the Dig Pink Challenge powered by All Volleyball can be found on All Volleyball’s website here. If you would like to help All Volleyball reach its goal of $40,000, visit their campaign page here.

About All Volleyball Inc.

All Volleyball, Inc. is proud to be trusted industry experts since 1995. They help players and teams get the volleyball gear they want on time, under budget and done correctly, guaranteed. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, All Volleyball has always had a passion for helping others. All Volleyball Serves is the philanthropic extension of the company responsible for heading up efforts like the DPC Event Match and the All Volleyball Ally program.

About The Side-Out Foundation

The Side-Out Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Fairfax, Va. that harnesses the power of volleyball players to host Dig Pink® volleyball initiatives that raise money for critical research of late-stage metastatic breast cancer – the least funded form of breast cancer research. In 2017, a total of 782 different high school, college and club teams from coast to coast contributed $1,191,760 to Side-Out’s directed clinical trials which take place at leading cancer institutions in the United States. Two-time Olympic Beach Volleyball medalist April Ross, who lost her mother to breast cancer, is an advocate for the charity. Over the years, Side-Out has raised more than $14 million for research on the disease, has completed two successful clinical trials using Side-Out’s individualized treatment protocols and is currently in the midst of a third trial, its largest yet. Volleyball coaches across the country use the events as a team building experience that also reinforces the role sports can and should play in supporting athletes’ communities off the court. For details, check out

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