A Weekend in LA: “Side-Out Story” on the Big Screen

Side-Out Story in LA

We are so excited that “The Side-Out Story” was featured in the All Sports Film Festival this past weekend! The documentary was created to celebrate the contributions of the volleyball community to stage 4 breast cancer research and health education, and we were eager to share the story with others.

regalThe All Sports Film Festival is a small festival held annually in Los Angeles, CA, and its mission and objective is to “promote the art of screenwriting and filmmaking in the world of sports and competition”. Rick Dunetz, Side-Out’s executive director and Mike Walter, director of The Side-Out Story, traveled to LA for the premier.


Rick was eager to share his thoughts about having “The Side-Out Story” on the big screen: “My goal is to spread the word about the Side-Out Story to those outside the volleyball community, and the festival provided opportunity for greater visibility. While the attendance wasn’t as large as we anticipated, it was a really wonderful experience. Sports have such incredible power to inspire, and it was an honor to be part of this festival.”All Sports Film Festival

After working on the film for over a year, Mike Walter was happy to share the story:  “We are really pleased that the Side-Out story reached an even wider audience. We are also delighted that the most important judges at any film festival (the audience) loved the film.”

The short documentary has also been submitted to other film festivals in the hopes that word of volleyball’s philanthropy and passion will spread beyond the courts where Dig Pink® events are played.

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