Winners at the JVA World Challenge!

JVA World Challenge Mintonette Sports m.53

April 21, 2015 — Congratulations to the 2015 Side-Out/JVA National Dig Pink® Award winners! The winners were determined based on fundraising for the 2015 Dig Pink® Tour. Any team that attended the JVA World Challenge in Louisville, KY and also fundraised for The Side-Out Foundation’s Dig Pink® Tour was eligible to win. Thank you so much for your support and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  1. Mintonette Sports Volleyball Club m.53 — $645
  2. Next Level Volleyball Club 14 Green — $501.00
  3. Choo Choo City Volleyball Club 17 Black — $500.00

The winning teams will receive a plaque and each player will get a certificate. In addition, JVA supporters donated gifts for each team.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Many teams at the JVA World Challenge also participated in The Assist Project. Each team that donated cards was entered into a raffle, and Alliance Volleyball Club 15 Molten won!  Players received a black cinch bag, personalized t-shirt from Imagination Athletics and hair ties from Gimmedat.


About Junior Volleyball Association:
The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is the only association that is solely focused on junior volleyball and the needs of junior clubs. The mission of the Junior Volleyball Association is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events.

About The Side-Out Foundation:
The Side-Out Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2004. Inspired by one mom and embraced by the entire sport of volleyball, the mission of The Side-Out Foundation is to educate young athletes and their communities about breast cancer, both with respect to prevention and treatment, and to fund cutting edge breast cancer research. Side-Out is focused on changing the way breast cancer is treated forever.

The term side-out refers to a situation in volleyball when one team wins a point while its opponent is serving, thereby regaining serve or control of play. It is hoped that Side-Out will do the same for breast cancer patients, providing them with the support, education and best available treatments to regain control of their lives.

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