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  • Card ProjectAssist Club
    The Dig Pink® Tour is getting a makeover for 2015! After tremendous success last season, Side-Out wanted to incorporate the making of hospital cards as a main event of the Dig Pink Tour. We are excited for club players everywhere to take part in The Assist Project!

    The goal of the Assist Project is to distribute 30,000 hospital cards (assists) to cancer patients and raise $300,000 for late stage breast cancer and we need your club help to make it happen! Cancer patients across the country are looking for an uplifting message, and your club has the opportunity to spread hundreds of smiles this season and qualify for rewards while doing it!

    For The Assist Project, we want club teams everywhere to find pledges that will donate money for every assist that a team makes. Pledges can be parents, grandparents, friends, or whomever they want to support them and their teammates in this mission.

    If your club or team wants to help make a difference and be a part of the Assist Project community, explore the tabs above to get started!

  • Do something BIGGER than the game.

    This project will show other sports what makes the volleyball community special and how the sport is making a difference at the local and national level. By reaching our goal, volleyball can make a statement about what it can do when it joins together as one.

    Raise funds for late stage breast cancer research.
    In order for The Side-Out Foundation to continue it’s cutting-edge research into phase 3 of our study, we need dollars to help keep it going. It is going to cost $30,000 per patient to continue research, and we need your help to make it happen!

    Create a form of solidarity across the sport of volleyball.
    Every team that meets the requirements will receive official “Dig Pink® Tour” t-shirts that they show off at their regional tournament to demonstrate what they have accomplished!

  • Create a Campaign Page!
    Create your campaign page and set your goal! Your pledges can donate their desired amount easily to your campaign page and you can keep track of your funds raised. Using the campaign page system is the quickest and easiest way to raise dollars! EVERY TEAM needs a campaign page so we can track your dollars raised for your rewards. If you are having trouble setting up your team’s campaign page, CLICK HERE for help.

    Pledge Message
    Send your pledge(s) this template message to explain your goal! Fill in the blanks for your personalized message which you can either print out and give to local family and friends, or send as an electronic copy to family and friends who live far away. By using the campaign page system and sharing your page with others over the Internet, every player can raise more dollars towards the cause!

    Purchase Card Making Supplies
    Head to your local arts and crafts store and get your supplies to make cards with your team! Get creative and make it fun! Remember to follow The Side-Out Foundation’s “Card Guidelines” to ensure your cards will be delivered.

    Set a Date & Time
    Designate a specific time and date where you and your team will come together and create your “assists” for cancer patients in your community. Make it a fun activity that can be used as a team bonding event! Click here for ideas. Please keep the card count to a maximum of 100 per team.

    Send Your Funds & Assists In
    Once you have finished making all of your “assists” and have received all the funds from your pledges, mail your funds & “assists” to The Side-Out Foundation along with a completed “Package Details” form.

    **To be eligible for any rewards, funds and assists MUST be turned in BEFORE MARCH 31.

  • “Dig Pink® Tour Assist Club” T-Shirt
    Each team that meets the requirements will receive a set of official Dig Pink Assist Club t-shirts!  To receive Official t-shirts as a reward, your team must raise a minimum of $300 plus $30/per individual over 10 people. For example, if your team needs 13 shirts (12 players and 1 coach), you must raise at least $390. If your team only has 9 members and create 27 assists, you must still meet the $300 minimum. Wear your shirts at at a Tour stop or regionals to show the amazing task you have accomplished together!

    Assist ShirtWebsite Badge
    Clubs that meet the established levels will qualify for an official Side-Out Foundation website badge that they can display for their club’s web page.

    Assist Badge

    Clubs can qualify for the following:

    * CLUB 250 = 250 Assists
    * CLUB 500 = 500 Assists
    * CLUB 1000 = 1,000 Assists

    **To be eligible for any rewards, funds and assists MUST be turned in BEFORE MARCH 31.

  • As The Side-Out Foundation’s breast cancer study and research pushes forward, more money is needed to keep funding going. We recognize that we cannot meet our goals without the help from the Dig Pink® Tour and all of the clubs across the country that participate.

    Here at The Side-Out Foundation, we know that with your help, we can make an enormous impact on many people who are getting treatment for cancer and may need an uplifting message. By creating cards for hospital patients all across your state and region, you can show the community that your club is about more than just the game of volleyball. This new Dig Pink® Tour is about making a difference and you can make that happen while also raising funds to help push cutting-edge research forward to its final stages.

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