Back With the Living

Author: Gloria Dunetz
September 7, 2008

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Last week I finally was approved to get the drug Avastin again, which after having 5 treatments was held up at my medical insurance company’s non payment.

I really did not remember how I felt when I got the Avastin and Abraxane previously. Well I found out! Had chemo on Wednesday, had a great day Thursday and Friday. By Friday night I was a human vegetable. All I could do was lay down. Lethargy works on the psyche and I felt very down. This fatigue acted like someone hit a switch and all of a sudden I was struck down. When it was over, which was Sunday evening, just like the switch was turned off I began to feel fairly normal. My kids Rick and Akiyo came over for a visit and we had a great time and I felt so lucky that the fatigue didn’t last longer. I guess I am fortunate because I never have nausea or problems with my stomach like so many chemotherapy patients seem to have. I just have dry eyes, nose, mouth, some sores in my mouth and body aches. Nothing at all! Of course I am joking big time. Chemo is not pleasant in any sense of the word. The drugs are very toxic and sometimes disabling. If they work – it’s worth it all so that I can enjoy seeing my grandchildren grow and learn. My hubby and my son Rick and daughter in law Akiyo make sure that I don’t become a couch potato – that I keep on going forward. And so I am – trying to make each day somewhat interesting.


  • Jean Rowe

    Gloria Dunetz was a casual friend of mine for several years through our
    mutual interest in antiques and collectibles. I have come to love and respect
    her in the last year and a half through our mutual enemy, cancer.
    My family has a familial cancer gene dating back to my mother’s
    generation. It is now in my grandchildren’s generation. Normally, you distance
    yourself from an enemy, but not this one. It becomes obsessive to research
    diagnosis, treatments, medications and studies. Fortunately for me, I escaped the
    gene, so it is my job to support cousins fighting the disease.
    This fund raising nationwide tournament, Gloria’s son Rick created is
    evidence of what a loving supportive family she has. I’m sure she would be the
    first to tell you how much this helps during the down times. Speaking of
    which, Gloria will readily announce “I’m having a great day” “I felt wonderful
    yesterday”. Albeit she is literal about her disease, she has a wonderful
    zest for living.

    Jean Rowe
    2513 Babcock Road
    Vienna,VA 22181