Back With the Living

Gloria Dunetz and Bryant Dunetz

Last week I finally was approved to get the drug Avastin again, which after having 5 treatments was held up at my medical insurance company’s non-payment.

I really did not remember how I felt when I got the Avastin and Abraxane previously. Well I found out! Had chemo on Wednesday, had a great day Thursday and Friday. By Friday night I was a human vegetable. All I could do was lay down. Lethargy works on the psyche and I felt very down. This fatigue acted like someone hit a switch and all of a sudden I was struck down. When it was over, which was Sunday evening, just like the switch was turned off I began to feel fairly normal. My kids Rick and Akiyo came over for a visit and we had a great time and I felt so lucky that the fatigue didn’t last longer. I guess I am fortunate because I never have nausea or problems with my stomach like so many chemotherapy patients seem to have. I just have dry eyes, nose, mouth, some sores in my mouth and body aches. Nothing at all! Of course I am joking big time. Chemo is not pleasant in any sense of the word. The drugs are very toxic and sometimes disabling. If they work – it’s worth it all so that I can enjoy seeing my grandchildren grow and learn. My hubby and my son Rick and daughter in-law Akiyo make sure that I don’t become a couch potato – that I keep on going forward. And so I am – trying to make each day somewhat interesting.

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