Chemo & the Miracle of Life

Last Wednesday was my scheduled chemo appointment. The Chemo lab was running late and I had to wait almost an hour. As the minutes ticked by I started to get very agitated with the feeling that I was not being cared about. After waiting and being told it would be 5 more minutes which actually added up to 20 minutes I was sure my blood pressure had skyrocketed and I was angry! When I finally got in I really was in a bad place. The nurses were very apologetic and quickly got my meds and as it turned out there was an emergency with one of my fellow patients which caused the delay. Had I been advised that was happening I would have understood.

In the middle of my treatment I asked one of the nurses about my doctor’s collaborative nurse, Rosalind, who had had a baby 2 months prior. She said they were fine and that the baby was adorable. I love Rosalind and told one of the nurses to tell her how much she’s been missed since she was gone for maternity leave. And then I discovered little miracles do happen. Just as I said that lo and behold Rosalind appeared with her baby in tow. My angst about the chemo thing lifted and great joy filled my heart when I saw this wonderfully sweet beautiful little baby boy. Everyone in the chemo lab was smiling including some very sick people. New life! Wow, that’s as good as it gets! Rosalind and I chatted for a small time and when she left, the aura of hopefulness hit me. My biggest hope is that by the time this sweet little boy grows up that Breast Cancer will be eradicated and that not one other person will have to experience the physical and psychological torture that Breast Cancer and all other Cancers inflict. It then occurred to me that my son Rick and my husband Bryant will be able to support, through the Side-Out Foundation, new and innovative medical thinkers to achieve this goal. I am so proud of both of them for achieving the level of success that Side-Out’s Dig Pink has achieved in such a short time. This organization and the passion of my family, is dedicated to the end result of stamping out this disease.

As we approach the X-mas holiday I ask you to join in the battle. Help Side-Out to find that “miracle” that will help to eradicate Breast Cancer! This is an organization created for the love of a son for his mother. I know my family will keep this Foundation going and will not stop until its goals are accomplished.

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