Enjoying My Days in Limbo

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but I’ve been kinda coasting while I’m on Xeloda, my present drug, because I feel almost normal on this miracle drug. D-Day (decision day) is about to occur since I am seeing my doctor next week. If Xeloda is working I will definitely stay on it for as long as it works. We will find this out in the next couple of weeks when I will be getting my next PET scan which will either be good or not so good. This is what living with Metastatic Breast Cancer is like. We never know when the cancer cells become resistent to the current drug we’re on. The PET scan which I have every 3 months is the only way to tell what the Cancer is doing. We must have research to find out why the metastatic breast cancer cells change after a time and become “smart” and learn to resist the drug and start growing again.

I believe that Side-Out Foundation will be very instrumental in helping to find answers to questions that our Oncologists don’t understand yet. We may be very close and with a big push in research make the discovery that will make Metastatic Breast Cancer totally manageable. We, who deal with Metastatic Breast Cancer daily, treat our disease as a chronic disease rather than a death sentence. I have confidence that sometime in the near future, the prognosis for patients with this disease will improve dramatically. Just think, I had my first bout with Breast Cancer 12 years ago and there was no such thing as a PET scan. Xeloda, the drug I am currently on did not exist.

Our Mare gave birth to a bouncing 100 lb. baby foal last month. I couldn’t help but weep when I saw this miracle knowing that without past research in my disease I probably would not have lived long enough to see it. My fifth anniversary of living with Cancer is near and I am very hopeful that I will be lucky enough to live long enough to see the my son Rick’s vision for Side-Out. To be successful in funding more extensive research to find better treatment options for this epidemic disease and possibly eradicate Breast Cancer entirely.

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