Go Dig Pink Go!

Last night I had the privilege of being at my son Rick’s Dig Pink volleyball event held at the school where he coaches. It was fabulous and beautifully orchestrated. Most everyone bought a Dig Pink shirt so the bleachers were filled with pink. The event spirited the teams and they played forcefully and it was so exciting. If you’ve never attended a volleyball game, treat yourself. It’s a fabulous game. The night was very special for many reasons. Rick sang (he’s so talented) and thanked all the people that helped orchestrate this event, acknowledging his father and I as inspiration through my rediagnosis as an impetus to start Side-Out Foundation to help out some way the Breast Cancer community and incorporate my diagnosis with the sport he loves so much. He has accomplished unforeseen success in Side-Out Foundation and I am a very proud Mom. After he spoke he presented bouquet’s to various people in the audience and of course, to his Mommy.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Encourage volleyball teams in your area to participate and support Dig Pink in order to fund Breast Cancer research in the hope that some day in the near future Breast Cancer just simply disappears. How great would that be?

For those who read my blog, I am feeling well and am still on Xeloda. I continually remember myself that every day is a gift for all of us and living our lives with that knowledge means making each day count.

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