Holidays and Cancer

Holidays can be very stressful for the normal person and its ten times worse for the person who has a chronic disease. I can only speak of my situation and find that doing just the normal day to day stuff that everybody does automatically is more difficult when undergoing treatment for Cancer. Holidays are supposed to be happy occasions but for some Cancer patients, though happy to still be alive, might have difficulty navigating those feelings.
I bring all this up because last weekend our entire family traveled to Boston to be with my eldest son Ray for Thanksgiving and I must say he was a fabulous host.. In general I have been having difficulty becoming enthusiastic about leaving my comfort zone. I feel vulnerable and uneasy. With the wonderful support of my family who surrounded me with love and caring I was able to manage this trip with a minimum of angst. It was just something I had to make myself do and I’m glad I did.
Having said all that, the message I am trying to express to all of you out there trying to enjoy the holidays while dealing with doctors, chemo, tumor markers and scans, try to accept as much help as is offered. Do only the things that give you pleasure. Do not feel guilty that you aren’t really joyous when in the minds of some people around you think you should be. Cancer interferes with normal life, that’s just a fact. You can emotionally sideline it but it’s always there. So, when the holidays come, have a glass of wine or a beer and relax in the warmth of your family’s love and for most of us that’s really all we need. That and a CURE!

One Day Is Not Enough

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