I Feel Like a Lion Queen

Bryant, Gloria, and Rick at Lion King Image

My loving son Rick and his beautiful wife Akiyo bought tickets Xmas for me to see LION KING and the experience we shared happened last night. I’ve discovered through my 4-year journey with breast cancer that life really is all about enjoying experiences with those you love. I was in the throws of chemo side effects yesterday but was able to get myself together so as not to miss the pleasures of not only seeing a Sold Out show but the enjoyment of sharing that evening with my Rick and Akiyo and my very dapper husband. They are all 3 jewels in my crown and somehow keep coming up with things for me to look forward to.

The Lion King Image

So as not to only have another round of chemo to look forward to I look forward to my sister Marti coming to visit me for my birthday, another year of survival. AMAZING! I will continue to rack up these experiences and remember that I am truly LIVING WITH CANCER. Not always easy but ever-challenging as those around me will testify.

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