Icy Dicey Days

Forgive the delay in adding to my Blog. With Metastatic Cancer it’s always a roller coaster ride and I have spent the last couple of weeks in minor depression and major worry. Besides that the weather is Icy and that gets me down as well. After receiving the results from my latest PET scan I was elated. The scan showed absolutely no new activity and much of the activity had disappeared. Yea! Good news! Had an appointment with my MD a week after the PET results and wasn’t expecting anything but good news. Well I have to learn never to think I know what to expect because, even though my PET scan was great, my tumor markers were going through the roof. TERROR! No explanation yet though I have transmitted several questions to my MD (or I should say my very significant other had) and am trying to wait patiently for the answers. The medical suggestion is always take this scan or other to rule out anything serious that may be going on. Well, you know, I get very tired of scans and waiting for results – I want more information before I do that. Waiting for results of these tests takes more out of me than Breast Cancer. Soooooo I will see if I get any additional information before doing anything else. I’ve been given a vacation from Chemo for Thanksgiving and decided that my entire family hasn’t been together for almost a year so, guess what, we are all going to spend Thanksgiving with my Number #1 son, Ray in Boston and DAMN THE TORPEDOES! I am going to try very hard to put Breast Cancer on the shelf behind closed doors and make believe my life is normal. A tall order for me but I’m sure going to try hard. We shall eat, drink and be merry and I wish the same to all of you that read this blog!

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