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Nearly 4 years ago, The Side-Out Foundation was started by a loving son, Rick Dunetz, to try to do something positive to help his Mom deal with her newly diagnosed Metastatic Breast Cancer. That proud Mom would be me, Gloria Dunetz. Over this period I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of family, loving friends and the Volleyball community (primarily young women) helping to raise money for the research and development of life saving drugs and diagnostic tools.

The Dunetz family’s goal with this blog is to offer any assistance, whether it be support or information, to the many thousands of people struggling to live in spite of Breast Cancer. It is a disease that is attacking younger women more than the public knows, and it HAS TO BE STOPPED! Since I’ve been living within the Metastatic Breast Cancer world for a while, perhaps I can offer first hand information and advice for the newly diagnosed and I would love to receive any information with regard to new treatments and the like.

Metastatic Breast Cancer is a chronic disease and up to this point, incurable. BUT IT CAN BE MANAGED! For us it is the support of our doctors and nurses that keep us alive. Having said that, almost as important (if not more important) is the love and support of caring people in your life. In my situation, I am blessed beyond belief with the love and support of my Husband Bryant, who is my Rock of Gibralter and whom I love very much. 

In addition of course is my son Rick who through many emotional ups and downs has created this foundation in my behalf and in behalf of the hundreds of thousand men and women who suffer because of this invasive disease. My Sister Marti has been my love when I needed love, my strength when I needed strength and I couldn’t have gone through these processes without her. Additionally, my “Circle of Love” friends and family that travel the daily journey with me. You know who you are.

Please contact me at any time for whatever inspiration or information I am able to offer.



One Day Is Not Enough

One Day Is Not Enough

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