Roller Coaster Ride of Breast Cancer

There are so many ups and downs with breast cancer, but I can truly say that the up times are euphoria. You forget the down times because you are so excited about the good news when it comes. My good news came in the form of a telephone message from my Oncologist’s collaborative nurse (another one of my angels). She called to tell me that my tumor markers came down substantially and that it was very good news. I will be able to ride with that good news for a while and I will feel so alive and appreciative to have the life I have.

I had my first round of the 3rd cycle of my chemo regimen. In the world of chemo you see so many suffering people with indescribable diseases that you can’t help feeling blessed with your own situation. I am extremely active in my life and able to get up in the morning pain free and raring to go. That is a blessing!

Please check out the Side-Out Foundation’s reworked web site. My loving son Rick worked very hard to make our web site one of all new and updated information about what’s going on in the Breast Cancer Research arena. Very exciting stuff! We also need to hear your stories. Information is paramount for all Breast Cancer survivors and the people close to them. You and your medical supporters must keep open-minded to new and exciting options.

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