Spring is Here and so am I

Things have been a bit dicey for the last couple of weeks. PET scan showed some progression in my body so my doctor wanted to change the meds. We had a bit of a difference of opinion with regard to what drug I was going to take. One is a rather new drug called Ixempra which has shown some beneficial results in women with metastatic breast cancer. This drug was his preference. The other choice was to go back on Xeloda which was successful earlier in stabilizing my disease for 3 years. That was my choice. Xeloda is a chemo you take in pill form. Of course it has its side effects but your doctor can change the dosage to see on what dosage you feel the best. I was on 6 pills a day for 2 weeks and by the 9th day my stomach erupted with cramping and diarrhea which caused a great deal of angst in my life. However, you do get 2 weeks off the drug and I am presently on the second week and I feel quite well. I really would be happy if Xeloda works for me again. One of the worst sides of Xeloda is beet red hands and feet. I don’t think anybody escapes that side. It is manageable with vigilance in keeping these areas well oiled. THIS IS A GOOD DRUG! It is far less toxic then IV chemo I have experienced.

On the good side it is Spring and my garden is erupting with thousands of daffodils and soon will come the iris, the tulips, the azaleas and it will be gorgeous here. In addition Bryant (my hubby) and I are expecting a baby horse any day and we are delirious. Right now life is good!

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