Sunny, Warm Days With my Sister

I took my first solo trip since starting chemotherapy. I felt very vulnerable but I just had to do it! You know what? I did do it and managed to have a wonderful time with my sister, Marti. A short vacation from Cancer. It renewed and strengthened me, and as I have to do many times a day, reminded me that I am still very much alive and still living a fairly normal life.

I’m not a lover of Florida but I do adore my Sister and it felt so good to be with her for that short time. We talked, we ate and we shopped the days away and before I knew it it was time to come back home. The next day was chemo. The realization that sometimes we are dealt a bad hand but the hope that the next hand dealt may be better. Cancer patients live in a world that is out of their control. This loss of control is hard for the psyche. We need to reach out to each other and to people in our life that care about us. No one can walk the road alone.

I am back in my real life and its reality hopeful that good news will come my way sooner than later and will buoy me up for my continuing battle against Breast Cancer. The Side-Out Foundation and the generosity of so many people all over the US is awe inspiring. Our family is totally dedicated to finding through research, the key that might open the door for a cure.

Please feel free to email me with comments. I am always eager to share experiences with others.

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