The Anguish of Waiting for Results

I had my PET scan this past Saturday and, because I knew there wouldn’t be results until Monday, I enjoyed the weekend. On Monday I sent an email to my doctor’s nurse to remind her to be looking for the results. She did not respond, which is not like her. Then I realized Monday was a holiday. Then came Tuesday with no news. Each day adding a little more anxiety to my life. Then I realized that the nurse was off on Tuesday and it’s near impossible to get a hold of my doctor. Yesterday I received a response from the nurse and she promised to find the results and give the report to my doctor. Nothing from that office yesterday. Every time the phone rings I jump out of my skin, scared to death of hearing a negative result. This anguish occurs every 3 months and it is exhausting. I will eventually get the PET scan result, good or bad, but in the meantime I do not have any chemo appointments and that makes me feel very vulnerable.

I know Oncologists are very busy and my case is one of hundreds but it sure would make me feel safer and more cared for if test results were promptly reported. What’s the answer? Maybe someone out there reading this blog can give me that answer.

Having said all that, I have to figure out how to make this day (each day being a gift) a fun day.

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