What a Glorious Night: I Really Dig Pink!!!

Last night was Annandale High School’s Dig Pink event. Rick is the Girl’s Volleyball Team’s head coach. It was spectacular. It was powerfully poignant for me and found it very difficult to control my emotions already ragged from my disease. My son, Rick created the Dig Pink miracle and seeing it played out like that was so touching to me and I felt so loved and cherished. All the money in the world cannot buy that feeling and I will hold it warmly in my heart. In my mind I’ve always felt that here had to be a reason for me to be re-diagnosed with Breast Cancer, some plan, somehow something positive!! I experienced that reason last night. 

 There are over 700 high school and college volleyball teams throughout our country wanting to donate, wanting to help eradicate this horrible disease that impacts so many lives. Wanting to make the fight against Breast Cancer public with strong statements of support both verbally and donations. Dig Pink!!! That’s enough reason for me. I will live as long as I am supposed to live but now I have a legacy. That legacy is the gift my son Rick has given me!

Our nation is going through all kinds of crises now and yet, all over the United States, people want the opportunity to help by donating to this cause through Dig Pink because they’ve been touched personally or closely in their lives and because they know that we must demand that more research be done in order to find new and better ways to deal with eradicating this disease. Chemotherapy and Radiation have been the only game in town for Breast Cancer men and woman who want to live and yes, we are LIVING WITH CANCER in greater numbers. The research must continue to find alternative methods and ways of using chemotherapy without destroying good cells, thus improving the quality of life for the patient. People struggling with Metastatic Breast Cancer are not offered enough clinical trial opportunities and we must encourage researchers to address that problem as well.

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