4 Questions New Volleyball Players Ask

We all have fears and apprehensions about one thing or another. Whether that’s you’re afraid of heights or perhaps you get chills down your spine when you spot a spider crawling across your counter. Does it make your skin crawl when you think about that spider on the web? Or does your heart beat suddenly faster when you see that roller coaster drop?

Perhaps it does, perhaps it does not.

Some young volleyball players feel these sensations when they step onto the court the first time, or they see that sign-up sheet in their school hallway. They feel nervous, anxious, and even fear!

Have you ever gotten onto a stage and given a speech on something you were passionate about only to look into the crowd and see a sea of faces looking back at you? You become tongue-tied, frantic, and perhaps you sweat just a little because you feel your nerves prickle on your skin. Nerves happen to the best of us! Even those who are accomplished in their respective niche sometimes still get nervous!

When a new volleyball player is approaching the sport for the first time they may be nervous about playing for the first time, afraid to meet the coach and players, and fearful they won’t be successful in their attempt to play a new sport. They’re afraid to fail. They’re also afraid to try.

Let’s say that you are a coach and you have a new player asking you some questions or you are a player yourself and you’re curious! This article is to answer your questions!

Some very popular questions from many new volleyball players are, ‘Coach, I’m afraid to play volleyball. What if I’m terrible?’ ‘What if I’m too short?’ ‘What if I’m too fat?’ We can always ask ourselves these ‘what if’ questions to continue to worry about the unknown. You may have even asked yourself something like this, whether it is volleyball related or not. Sometimes in life, we have doubts about our own abilities and ability to learn.

‘WHAT IF I’m too young/old?’

Volleyball is a sport that can be played and learned by anyone! Both young and old alike enjoy the game. There are many instances of young children from 6 years old playing with their parents, and even active older adults (65+) playing in recreational leagues! Volleyball does not have an age limit. It’s not only for the young, healthy, athlete. It can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a great way to better your cardiovascular health and build a community around the sport.

‘WHAT IF I’m too fat/thin or too short/tall?’

Our self-image can negatively affect our lives from time to time. We may let our own personal hang-ups get in the way of what could be life-changing and fun! Sure, when you think of a volleyball player, you may think of a very nicely toned woman or a very toned and cut man. You may think of an Amazonian woman and a tall statuesque man. That’s not always the case. Everyone can play volleyball, whether that be big or little, short or tall. Volleyball is a great aerobic/cardiovascular exercise that not only may help you shape up but also strengthen your heart.

‘WHAT IF I’m terrible?’

No one on this earth became something great from something they just started in 10 minutes. The volleyball players that you see in the Olympics, tv, your high school, your local recreation center all have something in common. They tried. They took a chance to try something new, and stuck with it! Even the greatest athletes of all time attempted something new and had to work at it to become great!

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.
– Michael Jordan

WHAT IF statements do not have to control your way of thinking. WHAT IF you try and you succeed? WHAT IF you play and you fall in love with it? Don’t be afraid to try something new, you never know what you may find!

Coach KoKo


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