SVT Commanders Cup

Teamwork Makes the Impossible Possible

2023 Commander’s Cup and the Side-Out Foundation have joined forces to give MORE TIME for those living with metastatic breast cancer. Before and during the 2023 Commander’s Cup weekend, teams are encouraged to raise funds for this important cause.

Metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced form of the disease, and the least funded area of research. For over 10 years, Side-Out has worked with the volleyball community to raise awareness and funds to support the more than 44,000 women and men living with ruthless disease.

Every $2,000 raised can provide a metastatic breast cancer patient and their oncologist an unprecedented analysis that ranks treatment solutions and clinical trials that can substantially improve the length and quality of their life.

The Side-Out Impact



Dedicated to individuals with metastatic breast cancer

100 K


Isolated for analysis and treatment development

100 +


Educating their high school
and college communities

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Have your team join, our team!

Commanders Cup Dig Pink
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We don’t just fund research,
we do research.

Our team of oncologists and scientists have developed the most unique and revolutionary treatments for metastatic patients to date.

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clinical trials

We develop personalized
clinical trials.

Everyone’s cancer cells are different. Our precision medicine approach focuses on finding the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.


We connect & empower
teams & communities.

Until breast cancer isn’t terminal, we’re building communities of advocates focused on action and support for those living with metastatic breast cancer.

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Our Story

After my mom was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, we started the Side-Out Foundation to challenge the healthcare community. We believed if we could extend the lives of those living with the most advanced stage of breast cancer, we could really make a difference for anyone living with breast cancer in search of answers and treatment options…”



Let’s work towards a future where breast cancer is no longer terminal by working as a team making the impossible possible