“Crossing the Chasm”

What in the world does “Crossing the Chasm”, a phrase coined by Geoffrey Moore, a business consultant, have to do with Breast Cancer. Quite frankly nothing. It just came to my mind of the metaphorical likenesses of the therapeutic stages of treating Breast Cancer. For a business in its early stage you are hoping to reach the steady state of Main Street. However that is not easily accomplished without experiencing the affects of a tornado as you cross the chasm to Main Street.

For a Breast Cancer patient, as it is for Gloria, you find yourself in and out of these stages as well. In each situation you seek to be optimistic about the treatment outcomes, but frequently find yourself in the eye of the storm. Hope survives and you look forward to a soft landing on Main Street with a stable and predictable future.

As we now place our hopes and expectations on the latest targeted therapeutic treatment, the early scientific data from blood analysis is very encouraging. Our goal is to reach Main Street with a stable and predictable quality of life.

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