Dig Pink Tour Update: Colorado Crossroads Week 2

Week 2 is now over and clubs raised an additional $12,000. This puts us over the $100,000 mark…we are over a quarter of the way there! Here is a picture of the ladies who donated the dollar amount that put us over the mark:  

This Dig Pink Day was a very special one that we dedicated to a young lady by the name of Margaret Hussman.  Margaret passed from Cancer at a very young age this January.  Here is the speech we gave.

“One point at a time”  Coaches have said this a million times to their players and the players, for the most part, make an effort to abide by it.  But this is not what I wanted to talk about today.  I want to talk about  “One day at a time”.  So much of what the Side-Out Foundation and Dig Pink is about is reflected in these words.  I have a story I would like to tell that embodies this phrase.

Just yesterday I received an e-mail from Kay Rogness, our tournament host, about a young lady by the name of Margaret Hussman.  Margaret played for the El Paso Wild Fire Volleyball Club.  Wild Fire let us know you are here.  Margaret passed January 24, 2009 from cancer at the age of 15.  In reading about Margaret, I came to see what kind of special young lady she was and that sh

e embodied the type of characteristics that we want all of our players, our cancer fighters, and our survivors to have.  Margaret looked her Cancer straight in the eye and said “I will not allow you to control my life”.  She lived her life to the fullest each and every day…she truly lived her life one day at a time.


TWICE AS STRONG.  This was a phrase coined by Margaret’s friends and family…a poignant message to us all.  As a tribute to Margaret, her parents, her friends, and her teammates and our all of our Survivors and supporters, I would like all of us put one hand in the air and make the Texas Longhorn “hook’em horns” symbol with your hand.  Pinky and pointer finger sticking out with your other 2 fingers held down with your thumb.  When I say WE WILL LIVE…you will say “TWICE AS STRONG” Lets rock the convention center today:

We will live….TWICE AS STRONG!!!

We will live…TWICE AS STRONG!!!

We will live…TWICE AS STRONG!!!

We truly appreciate the efforts of all the teams and clubs that participated in the Dig Pink Tour campaign and we thank Kay Rogness and the awesome staff here at Colorado Crossroads for all their help in making this a reality. 



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