Mother’s Day Tribute

This is my Mom. The picture was drawn by my brother Ray for my Mom’s 70th birthday and it’s a pretty awesome accomplishment. It is a picture that was taken when she did community theater in a little show called Can Can. My brother actually made this picture with a bunch of ink dots and slashes…it’s really remarkable when you see it up close. This web image simply does not do it justice.

My Mother’s 70th birthday could very well be the greatest day in her life and in many ways, one of the greatest days for my family. She was surrounded by people who love her and her youngest, that would be me, sang selections from West Side Story and switched up the lyrics (“Glo-ree-a I have a great Mom named Glo-ree-a”). She always wanted me to do theater…ugh…definitely not my bag. But the most important part of that day, was that her family and friends had never seen her so happy.

Mother’s day will never compare to her 70th. In fact, my Mom kind of scoffs at these minor holidays. For my Mother, every day that she gets out of bed is a holiday, every day is a gift. This is the best advice anyone can give.

So to all the Mothers out there fighting this disease…

Make every day a holiday, stay positive, and live well.

Happy Mother’s Day from The Side-Out Foundation

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