Research in Key West?

I left for vacation a few days ago figuring that I would just sit back and relax. That was until I got to Key West. The owners of our B&B happen to be retired doctors and in their extensive library was a book called Breast Cancer: Beyond Convention. Being the crazed esearcher that I am, I dug into it. The first chapter I read was called “The Will to Live and other Mysteries” written by Rachel Naomi Remen. There were a half dozen really GREAT stories about her patients, but the thing that stuck out in my mind more then anything was her definition of what breast cancer is.  She called it a “MYSTERY”.    Whenever there is a difference between the FACT and the STORY, we are in the presence of a mystery.

“It is said that the world is not made up of facts; the world is made up of stories.  Each of us is a story that has never happened before, a story that has not yet been written.”

She also goes on to say that a mystery can not be solved; it must be lived and that mysteries are full of hope and should be inspiring to us.  We all fear the unknown.  We need to start embracing it, accepting it, and just live our lives….let our stories unfold in whatever way they may.  We will learn and benefit from our mistakes and enjoy the tremendously awesome positive moments.

I have not finished this book yet, I am sure I will come up with some more great information. Based on what I have read, I can totally recommend this book.

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