Support Your Local Farmers Market

So I was shopping at Wegman’s with my wife the other day trying to pull together a father’s day brunch and as I approached the cucumbers I noticed something insane.  The organic Cucumbers were $1.99 each. EACH! The “GENETICALLY ENGINEERED” cucumbers were about 69 cents each.  Shocking to say the least.

We have no definitive proof that anything specific causes Cancer, but I think it is safe to say that all the “Genetically Engineered” produce is bad for us….nasty chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives all in the name of capitalism.  FRESH ORGANIC vegatables are good for our bodies and, at one time, were inexpensive and were in abundance.

Over the past 10 years our culture has become lazy; we took too many shortcuts and now we are paying the price. The world going is through tough times economically and ecologically.  Our government is working on contingency plans for these issues and there are tons of organizations/causes to assist.  In essence we are getting back to the basics.  And I guess that is a good thing.  Now maybe our farmers can go back to putting seeds in the dirt and watering them, instead of looking for shortcuts.

Find a farmers market in your area…refuse to pay premiums on organic produce and support your local farmers.

And if you are feeling really ambitious, start your own garden.  Seeds and water are cheap.

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